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Canada is one of our most common destinations to fly pets to. Many people emigrate to Canada yearly from the UK. As the UK is rabies free, it is easy to fly dogs or cats to Canada. Many airports have direct flights from the UK with a number of different airlines, like British Airways, Air Canada and Air Transat. This is ideal for flying pets, as the single non-stop flight suits pet travel.

The veterinary requirements for dogs and cat to fly to Canada are pretty simple. They need a microchip and a rabies vaccination and a health certificate within 5 days of the flight. If they don’t have a rabies vaccination, then they can have DEFRA export paperwork completed which confirms to the Canadian authorities that UK is rabies free and so they will accept an un-vaccinated dog or cat from the UK. There is currently no quarantine for dogs and cats travelling from the UK to Canada.

Please be aware that dogs under 8 months old can be flown into Canada, but they do have slightly different rules and so these need treating with extra care and attention. PetAir UK are experts at guiding people through the requirements for their pets to fly to Canada.

Owned & run by vets

PetAir UK is run and owned by vets to ensure the very best care for your pets. We remain true to our belief that the best possible service is always offered to our clients and their pets.

All your pets documents taken care of

PetAir UK can help with all the documentation to safely and correctly transport your pets from country to country. Whether it be pet passports, import permits, custom clearance, veterinary tests or owner declarations; we can take care of absolutely everything.

We specialise in custom containers & transport

PetAir UK can make crates tailored to suit your pets, always to the best standard possible. All of our crates are sprayed with species specific appeasing pheromones, and comfortably lined with special bedding that ensures they are always dry throughout the journey.

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You can find more details on how to import your dog or cat to Canada here. This is the website from the government of Canada and outlines all the rules surrounding import of dogs and cats from UK to Canada. Alternatively you can contact PetAir UK directly and we will be more than happy to offer advice and suggestions to help fly your pet to Canada.

Rabies in Canada is very much under control, and so Canada is considered a non-EU listed country. This means that flying your pet back from Canada to UK is relatively simple and just requires a rabies vaccine at least 21 days before they fly back to the UK. Your dog or cat will not have to serve any quarantine time in UK on landing – assuming all paperwork is correct!