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One third of people prefer their pets to their partners

According to new research carried out by pet food maker, Fresh Pet, us Brits REALLY love our four-legged friends. The survey, carried out via OnePoll,

May 28 2019

Are pets getting all the essential minerals they need?

Throughout the course of your pet’s life they will need a range of minerals to help them to grow strong and stay healthy. As each mineral performs a

May 24 2019

Does your dog have an allergy?

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer allergic reactions to many things. There are many different symptoms that a dog can display that could mean they

May 17 2019

Startup launches pet food made from insects

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the environment is a hot topic right now. With huge swathes of the population switching to

May 10 2019

How to stop your dog pulling on their lead

Lead pulling is quite a common issue among dog owners. It is usually something that your dog has learned over a long period of time and as such, it can be

May 3 2019