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Where to take your dog in Greece

If you’re thinking of travelling with dogs, you’d be hard pushed to find a better location than Greece. The ancient nation boasts beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and plenty of pet-friendly places to visit. Whether you stick to the mainland or explore one of the many islands, you’ll find plenty to do with your dog in…

Mar 24 2023

New government deal has made it easier to take your pet to Northern Ireland

If you want to take your pet to Northern Ireland, a new government deal potentially has just made it much easier. Though this will be subject to the NI government agreeing to the proposals. What was the old deal? A previous deal made by former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, meant that pet transportation from the…

Mar 17 2023

Cheap activities you can do with your pet as a whole family

As a family, spending time with your dog can be a great bonding experience. Not only does it help to get you all out of the house but you’ll also create some pretty special memories together. However, the cost of living crisis means that we’re all feeling the pinch a bit more than usual and…

Mar 10 2023

Can I take my pet on holiday?

If you’re a pet owner, you may be thinking about taking your furry friend with you on holiday. Taking your pet on holiday can be a fun and exciting experience. While many destinations and accommodation options are becoming more pet-friendly, there are still some factors to consider before deciding to take your pet on holiday….

Mar 3 2023

Where to take your dog in Colombia

Located in the Northwestern corner of South America, Colombia is known for its diverse culture, rich history and stunning natural beauty. The locals are friendly, the food is delicious and its pet-friendly to boot. Additionally, recent surveys have shown that 43% of Colombian households have a pet, with 67% of those being made up of…

Mar 2 2023